2020 ACE Awards: Think Again — Nominate Your Most Admired Arts & Culture Achiever!

NOMINATIONS ARE STILL OPEN for our ARTS & CULTURAL EMPOWERMENT (ACE) Awards that celebrate the passion for arts and culture in Fairfield County, and raise awareness of the quality and diversity of our arts and cultural offerings.

The Award Ceremony will now be held in October as a virtual event – date to be determined.

Awards in five categories will be presented to recognize and thank those individuals, organizations and businesses who have made significant artistic and cultural contributions to our community, as well as those who have supported the arts and culture sector through their volunteerism and/or patronage

You can make as many nominations as you like – each on a separate form. You will need to supply contact information for you, the nominator, and your nominee. You also need to state succinctly, in up to 150 words, your reason for making the nomination. Click here to make your nominations.

Awards are as follows:

Artist Award: Recognizes a creative individual or group in Fairfield County who has demonstrated a commitment to artistic excellence as well as working for access, awareness, and/or advocacy for the arts and culture community.

Citizen Award: Recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the enrichment and prosperity of arts and culture in Fairfield County through volunteerism, financial support, and/or advocacy.

Corporate Award: Recognizes a business that has helped to excite the interest and support of arts and culture in Fairfield County through encouragement, exposure and patronage; or that has made a significant contribution to the economic development of Fairfield County with an emphasis on elevating the creative sector.

Educator Award: Recognizes an individual, nonprofit or creative business that has made a substantial impact on the arts and cultural education of students and citizens of Fairfield County through innovative approaches to programming, access and/or advocacy.

Nonprofit Award: Recognizes an organization or leader that has made a distinct contribution to arts and culture in Fairfield County through visionary leadership, commitment to advancement, community engagement and/or creative innovation.

Nominate here.