Spotlight on Arts & Culture: The Arts and Healing

If you missed our April Spotlight on Arts & Culture on “The Arts and Healing,” you can hear it now on a podcast on Soundcloud:

On the show, we examined the power of creative expression as a means of coping, healing, and restoration. How can the arts can be a bridge to mindfulness, reflection and transformation, particularly in the context of the current state of our world?


Our guests were Dianne Niklaus, a Creative Wellness Coach; Darcy Hicks, visual artist and Director of Education at The Norwalk Art Space; Felicity Kostakis, artist and art teacher; Tatiana Mori, Director of the Greenwich Arts Council; and Patricia Spugani, Community Outreach & Lighting Designer at Town Players of New Canaan which recently produced Ordinary People to contribute to the conversation around mental health.