8 WOMEN ARTISTS • MARCH ON Celebrating Women’s History Month

George Billis Gallery

From Mar 02 to Apr 16, 2023
Event times range between 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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March 2 - April 16, 2023
Opening reception on Thursday, March 2nd from 5-8PM

​curated by AMY ZOLLER

Laurie Fisher
Carla Goldberg
Lee Krasner
Melissa Mack
Julie Bowers Murphy
Dale Najarian
Wendy Briggs Powell
Katie Riesco
We are excited to announce our spring group show curated by Amy Zoller of Westport, featuring 8 women artists at George Billis Gallery in Fairfield, in our new location at 1700 Post Road, Fairfield, CT from March 2-April 16, 2023. A reception for the artists will be held on Thursday, March 2 from 5-8 PM.

Contact Name: Dale Najarian

Contact Email: pdnaj@mac.com

Contact Phone: (203) 451-9182

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This event is free of charge.


George Billis Gallery
1700 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

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Parking in Lot and at FF Trainstation

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03/02/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/03/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/04/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/05/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/06/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
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03/16/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
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03/19/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/20/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/21/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/22/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
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03/26/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/27/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/28/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/29/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/30/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
03/31/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
04/01/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
04/02/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
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04/14/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
04/15/202305:00 pm08:00 pm
04/16/202305:00 pm08:00 pm