A Holiday Wonderland at the Mansion

The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum

From Nov 25 to Dec 31, 2022
Event times range between 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, located at 295 West Avenue in Norwalk, CT, will usher in the Holiday Season the day after Thanksgiving, on Nov. 25, 2022, 12 p.m. with a new exhibition titled, A Holiday Wonderland at the Mansion, which will run through Sat., Dec. 31, 2022. Tickets will range from $8-15, and admission is free for children under 8 years old. To purchase tickets, please visit www.lockwoodmathewsmansion.com/programs.

Contact Name: Susan Gilgore

Contact Email: info@lockwoodmathewsmansion.com

Contact Phone: (203) 838-9799

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Ticket Information

Tickets will range from $8-15, and admission is free for children under 8 years old

(203) 838-9799



The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum
295 West Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850

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Date Start End
11/25/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
11/26/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
11/27/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
11/30/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/01/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/02/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/03/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/04/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/07/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/08/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/09/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/10/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/11/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/14/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/15/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/16/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/17/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/18/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/21/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/22/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/23/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/24/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/25/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/28/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/29/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/30/202212:00 pm03:00 pm
12/31/202212:00 pm03:00 pm