“Abstract Ascension” Featuring Dana James, Kathryn MacNaughton and Anna Pietrzak Opens June 18th

From Jun 18 to Aug 31, 2022
Event times range between 9:30 am - 8:00 pm

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Hollis Taggart is pleased to present Abstract Ascension, a group exhibition featuring new and recent paintings by three contemporary artists, Dana James, Kathryn MacNaughton, and Anna Pietrzak. On view from June 18 to August 31, the exhibition features selections of their paintings, which are united by their careful attention to the formal possibilities of abstraction. For all three artists, the concept of the form is paramount––forms that lean or press against the picture frame (Pietrzak); forms that mimic the digital (MacNaughton); and forms that reach towards transcendence (James). An opening reception will take place on June 18 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in our Southport Connecticut location.

Contact Name: Eleanor Flatow

Contact Email: southport@hollistaggart.com

Contact Phone: (212) 628-4000

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06/18/202205:00 pm08:00 pm
06/22/202209:30 am04:30 pm
06/23/202209:30 am04:30 pm
06/24/202209:30 am04:30 pm
06/25/202209:30 am04:30 pm
06/29/202209:30 am04:30 pm
06/30/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/01/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/02/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/06/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/07/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/08/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/09/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/13/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/14/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/15/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/16/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/20/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/21/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/22/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/23/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/27/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/28/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/29/202209:30 am04:30 pm
07/30/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/03/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/04/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/05/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/06/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/10/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/11/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/12/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/13/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/17/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/18/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/19/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/20/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/24/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/25/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/26/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/27/202209:30 am04:30 pm
08/31/202209:30 am04:30 pm