Ann Conrad Stewart: Exhibition of Paintings at the Garden Cafe

Greenwich Hospital Garden Cafe

From Apr 10 to Aug 30, 2019
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

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ANN CONRAD STEWART: Exhibition of Paintings

Location: Greenwich Hospital Garden Café, 5 Perryridge Rd., Greenwich, CT

Exhibition Dates: March 25 – August 30

The Greenwich Art Society proudly presents an exhibition of paintings by Ann Conrad Stewart from the artist’s personal collection from March 25 – August 30 at the Garden Café at Greenwich Hospital. The paintings are on view weekdays 8:30am – 3:30pm.

Ann Conrad Stewart has been working as an artist since she received her A.B. from Princeton University in 1985. Graduating magna cum laude, she was awarded The Francis Lemoyne Page Prize for excellence in visual arts and moved to NYC where she worked as a teacher and painter and continued her education at Teacher's College, Columbia and at Bob Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in both public and private collections including Princeton University, the Saudi Royal family, the Healing Center at the Shapiro Cardiac Center and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Aspen Insurance UK limited in London, Teitler & Teitler in NYC, Liberty Mutual in Plano, Texas and the University of Texas at Tyler.

All works can be purchased by contacting the Greenwich Art society at 203-629-1533 between 9:30 am and 3:30 PM Monday through Friday or by emailing

Greenwich Art Society • 299 Greenwich Ave. Greenwich, CT 06830 or visit

Contact Name: Mary Newcomb

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 2036291533

NOTE: We do our best to ensure all information is accurate, however it's a good idea to visit the website or call the venue to verify the information.


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This event is free of charge.


Greenwich Hospital Garden Cafe
Greenwich Hospital
Greenwich, CT 06830

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Tue, 06/18/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 06/19/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 06/20/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 06/21/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 06/24/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 06/25/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 06/26/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 06/27/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 06/28/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 07/01/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 07/02/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 07/03/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 07/04/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 07/05/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 07/08/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 07/09/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 07/10/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 07/11/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 07/12/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 07/15/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 07/16/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 07/17/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 07/18/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 07/19/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 07/22/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 07/23/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 07/24/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 07/25/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 07/26/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 07/29/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 07/30/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 07/31/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 08/01/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 08/02/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 08/05/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 08/06/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 08/07/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 08/08/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 08/09/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 08/12/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 08/13/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 08/14/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 08/15/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 08/16/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 08/19/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 08/20/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 08/21/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 08/22/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 08/23/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Mon, 08/26/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Tue, 08/27/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Wed, 08/28/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Thu, 08/29/20198:30 am3:30 pm
Fri, 08/30/20198:30 am3:30 pm

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