Artist in Residence – Charles Joyner

Artist in Residence – Charles Joyner

Westport Library’s YouTube Channel

From Nov 05 to Dec 31, 2021
All Day

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Charles Joyner has been teaching, creating and exhibiting art for over 40 years. His work shows the influences of his growing up in rural North Carolina, as well as his extensive travel to Ghana. His collages are filled with colors and patterns abstracted from African symbols, architecture and textiles, which he combines with photography and screen printing to create his intricate compositions. But Joyner says his participation in a Student Program that brought him to Westport in 1964 was life changing. Listen in to hear his story.

About the Artist in Residence Series: Westport Artist, and founding member of the Artists Collective of Westport, Miggs Burroughs, visits Westport Artists in their studios with the Library's curator, Carole Erger- Fass. Join Miggs and Carole on the Westport Library's YouTube channel as they meet with artists who have been a part of the Library's family for years and hear insights into their creative processes and see how they set up their studio. Please visit the Library's YouTube channel to view all conversations: WestportPubLib

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