Artists in Residences – Katya Lebrija

Artists in Residences – Katya Lebrija

From Nov 05 to Jun 30, 2021
12:00 am - 11:59 pm

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Painter Katya Lebrija was born and raised in Mexico City. Her vibrant mixed-media compositions are abstract but also rooted in images of the real world, depicting the architecture and marketplaces of Mexico and the coastlines of Connecticut. Visit with Katya in her studio, where she tells us how and where she finds her creative inspiration.

About the Artist in Residence Series: Westport Artist, and founding member of the Artists Collective of Westport, Miggs Burroughs, visits Westport Artists in their studios with the Library's curator, Carole Erger- Fass. Join Miggs and Carole on the Westport Library's YouTube channel as they meet with artists who have been a part of the Library's family for years and hear insights into their creative processes and see how they set up their studio. Please visit the Library's YouTube channel to view all conversations: WestportPubLib

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Additional Dates

Tue, 04/20/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 04/21/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 04/22/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 04/23/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 04/24/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 04/25/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 04/26/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 04/27/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 04/28/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 04/29/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 04/30/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 05/01/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 05/02/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 05/03/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 05/04/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 05/05/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 05/06/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 05/07/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 05/08/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 05/09/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 05/10/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 05/11/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 05/12/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 05/13/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 05/14/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 05/15/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 05/16/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 05/17/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 05/18/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 05/19/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 05/20/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 05/21/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 05/22/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 05/23/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 05/24/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 05/25/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 05/26/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 05/27/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 05/28/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 05/29/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 05/30/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 05/31/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 06/01/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 06/02/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 06/03/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 06/04/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 06/05/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 06/06/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 06/07/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 06/08/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 06/09/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 06/10/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 06/11/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 06/12/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 06/13/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 06/14/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 06/15/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 06/16/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 06/17/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 06/18/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 06/19/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 06/20/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 06/21/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 06/22/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 06/23/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 06/24/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 06/25/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 06/26/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 06/27/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 06/28/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 06/29/202112:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 06/30/202112:00 am11:59 pm

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