Come See Spring in Bridgeport!

Colorblends House & Spring Garden

From Apr 01 to May 08, 2022
Event times range between 8:00 am - 7:30 pm

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The Colorblends House and Spring Garden in Bridgeport features a half-acre idea garden bursting with 50,000 spring bulb flowers of various types, all blooming in sequence to create an ever-changing display over a six week period. The garden only will be open to the public daily from April 1 through May 8, dawn to dusk. The House and Gallery will be open for the 2022 season and will feature a gallery titled Ephemeral Utopia by URSA gallery. Gallery open Tues - Sun, 10am - 4pm.

Design ideas and creative blends abound in this intimate garden, which is a collaboration between Bridgeport-based Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs and distinguished Dutch  garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet.

Contact Name: Avery Beadle

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (888) 847-8637

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Ticket Information

This event is free of charge.

Garden: Free and open to the public, every day, from dawn to dusk.


Colorblends House & Spring Garden
893 Clinton Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604

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Street parking is free and plentiful. Please do not park in the driveway.

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  • wheelchair_access

Additional Dates

Date Start End
04/01/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/02/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/03/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/04/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/05/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/06/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/07/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/08/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/09/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/10/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/11/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/12/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/13/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/14/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/15/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/16/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/17/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/18/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/19/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/20/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/21/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/22/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/23/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/24/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/25/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/26/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/27/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/28/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/29/202208:00 am07:30 pm
04/30/202208:00 am07:30 pm
05/01/202208:00 am07:30 pm
05/02/202208:00 am07:30 pm
05/03/202208:00 am07:30 pm
05/04/202208:00 am07:30 pm
05/05/202208:00 am07:30 pm
05/06/202208:00 am07:30 pm
05/07/202208:00 am07:30 pm
05/08/202208:00 am07:30 pm