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Fairfield University Art Museum Online Exhibition. Ruby Sky Stiler: Group Relief

Fairfield University Art Museum Online Exhibition. Ruby Sky Stiler: Group Relief


From Sep 11 to Dec 19, 2020
12:00 am - 11:59 pm

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Featuring new relief paintings and figurative furniture-sculpture by New York artist Ruby Sky Stiler (b. 1979), this virtual exhibition is presented as part of the celebration of 50 years of women at Fairfield University.

Stiler, who holds a BFA from RISD and an MFA from the Yale University School of Art, has been investigating images of women inspired by the techniques and language of classical antiquity for over a decade. Recently, Stiler’s art has expanded to include the subject of “father and child.” The dearth of art historical precedent for depictions of men displaying emotional intimacy, or being defined by their relationship to their children, is in stark contrast to the abundant impressions of “mother and child.”

Curated by Ian Berry, Dayton Director of the Tang Teaching Museum, this virtual exhibition will also include contemporary interpretations of the traditional museum “viewing bench” as a form of utilitarian sculpture.

The exhibition will open with a virtual conversation between Ruby Sky Stiler and curator Ian Berry on September 10, 2020. The exhibition will travel and will be on view at the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College in 2022.

Throughout her multifaceted practice, Ruby Sky Stiler pulls references from Greco-Roman antiquity, Art Deco illustrations, and the varied dialects of twentieth-century abstraction.

Her sculpture and wall-based works often take shape as archaeological reconstructions; female and male nudes, amphorae, and mosaic patterning are all repeating motifs.

Though much of the artist’s visual language is rooted in the ancient past, Stiler’s use of materials is distinctly contemporary: she often incorporates plaster, paper, acrylic resin, glue, graphite, stained wood, and air brush into her work. Her signature wall reliefs are rhythmic puzzles, drawing attention equally to their surfaces and to the discrete shapes contained within; accumulating colors, patterns and textures to create dense portraits or geometric configurations. Each shard of the mosaic carries its own history, oftentimes visible in daily notes scrawled in pencil, or of drafting marks which display the artist’s hand. This play between material and authenticity establishes a tension between high and low, past and present.

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Thu, 10/22/202012:00 am11:59 pm
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Mon, 10/26/202012:00 am11:59 pm
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Sat, 10/31/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 11/01/202012:00 am11:59 pm
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Tue, 11/03/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 11/04/202012:00 am11:59 pm
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Sat, 11/07/202012:00 am11:59 pm
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Mon, 11/09/202012:00 am11:59 pm
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Thu, 11/12/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 11/13/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 11/14/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 11/15/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 11/16/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 11/17/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 11/18/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 11/19/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 11/20/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 11/21/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 11/22/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 11/23/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 11/24/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 11/25/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 11/26/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 11/27/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 11/28/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Sun, 11/29/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Mon, 11/30/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Tue, 12/01/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Wed, 12/02/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Thu, 12/03/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Fri, 12/04/202012:00 am11:59 pm
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Fri, 12/18/202012:00 am11:59 pm
Sat, 12/19/202012:00 am11:59 pm

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