Floral Expressions: 200 Years of Women’s Power through Fashion. Museum Closed Until Further Notice

Floral Expressions: 200 Years of Women’s Power through Fashion. Museum Closed Until Further Notice

Fairfield Museum And History Center

From Feb 28 to Aug 09, 2020
All Day

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Throughout history, our culture’s social movements, developing technologies, and evolving artistries have influenced the way people style themselves for the outside world. In this exhibition, explore wider historical and social trends over a 200-year period through iconic floral and botanical-inspired dresses from the Fairfield Museum’s collection.

Enjoy the beauty in these remarkable costumes, demonstrating the elaborate and ancient crafts of applique, weaving, printing, and embroidery.

These examples and their design techniques demonstrate the sensibilities of their eras, often showing the turning of social tides – such as the wild and bold patterns of the Swingin’ Sixties, the decadent elegance of 19th-century Victorians, or the soft naturalism of the late 18th-century.

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Contact Phone: 2032591598

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Fairfield Museum And History Center
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