Forms of Nature

Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Library

From Oct 27 to Dec 07, 2022
Event times range between 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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Forms of Nature, the Flinn Gallery’s second show of the season, illuminates Nature’s countless guises, in the endless variety of our ever-changing surroundings. Our world is filled with objects that are part of a creation scheme that predates man’s structures, and each of us imagines nature’s objects differently. Joan Goldin and Leigh Taylor Mickelson are the two artists featured in the exhibit and both credit Nature as inspiration.
Painting, photography and ceramic sculpture inspired by nature and interpreted by the artists’ visions. Opening Reception: October 27, 6 - 8 pm.

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Contact Phone: (203) 622-7947

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This event is free of charge.


Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Library
101 West Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

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10/27/202210:00 am08:00 pm
10/28/202210:00 am05:00 pm
10/29/202210:00 am05:00 pm
10/30/202201:00 pm05:00 pm
10/31/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/01/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/02/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/03/202210:00 am08:00 pm
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11/10/202210:00 am08:00 pm
11/11/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/12/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/13/202201:00 pm05:00 pm
11/14/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/15/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/16/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/17/202210:00 am08:00 pm
11/18/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/19/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/20/202201:00 pm05:00 pm
11/21/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/22/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/23/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/24/202210:00 am08:00 pm
11/25/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/26/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/27/202201:00 pm05:00 pm
11/28/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/29/202210:00 am05:00 pm
11/30/202210:00 am05:00 pm
12/01/202210:00 am08:00 pm
12/02/202210:00 am05:00 pm
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