Glow Wild Lantern Festival

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

From Sep 14 to Dec 02, 2023
Event times range between 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Journey through a wonderland of illuminated larger-than-life lanterns inspired by our wild world.

This amazing festival will culminate a year of festivities celebrating the Zoo’s 100th birthday and will be held every Thursday - Sunday from September 14- December 2. The festival will showcase more than 50 large-scale illuminated displays, featuring hundreds of beautiful individual and interactive lanterns.

Spanning the width and breadth of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo’s 30 acres, guests are invited to walk through glowing corridors. Displays of flora and fauna will light up the night sky, dazzling guests of all ages! The Glow Wild Lantern Festival is designed for everyone to enjoy!

Contact Name: Lisa Clair

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (203) 394-6565

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Ticket Information

The festival will run from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays. Timed tickets should be purchased online in advance, offered in half hour increments. A small number of tickets may be available at the door, depending upon Zoo capacity. ​Adult tickets (ages 12 +) are $22, and Children (11 and under) are $20. Children under three and adults over 75 are free. Wheelchairs and strollers will be available to rent. Food will not be available for purchase.

(203) 394-6565



Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo
1875 Noble Aven
Bridgeport, CT 06601

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Free of charge.

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  • wheelchair-access

Additional Dates

Date Start End
09/14/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/15/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/16/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/17/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/21/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/22/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/23/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/24/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/28/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/29/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
09/30/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/01/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/05/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/06/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/07/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/08/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/12/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/13/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/14/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/15/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/19/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/20/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/21/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/22/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/26/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/27/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/28/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
10/29/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/02/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/03/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/04/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/05/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/09/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/10/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/11/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/12/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/16/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/17/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/18/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/19/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/23/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/24/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/25/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/26/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
11/30/202305:30 pm09:30 pm
12/01/202305:30 pm09:30 pm