J. Neil Bittner Exhibit, Photos of Stained Glass Works

Easton Public Library

From May 16 to Jun 30, 2023
Event times range between 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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The works of Master Contemporary artist J. Neil Bittner are being displayed in the Small Gallery of the Easton Public Library from May 16 to June 30th. Although his award-winning works are represented in six different mediums including oil painting collage, serigraphy, oil painting, stained glass, photography, and sculpture, this exhibit will be a collection of photographs of his stained glass works as they are too large for the gallery. The hours of viewing are those that the Library is open. Call 203-261-0134 for these hours. The opening reception is Saturday, May 20th from 4-7 pm in the Small Gallery. Jointly sponsored by the Easton Arts Council and the Easton Public Library.

Contact Name: J. Neil Bittner

Contact Email: bittner_studios@charter.net

Contact Phone: (203) 426-0381

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This event is free of charge.


Easton Public Library
691 Morehouse Rd
Easton, CT 06612

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Available in lot and behind library.

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05/16/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/17/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/18/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/19/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/20/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/21/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/22/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/23/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/24/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/25/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/26/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/27/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/28/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/29/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/30/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/31/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/01/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/02/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/03/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/04/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/05/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/06/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/07/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/08/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/09/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/10/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/11/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/12/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/13/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/14/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/15/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/16/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/17/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/18/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/19/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/20/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/21/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/22/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/23/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/24/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/25/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/26/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/27/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/28/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/29/202310:00 am05:00 pm
06/30/202310:00 am05:00 pm