“Jean Benoit’s Journey”: Oil Paintings Inspired by Cultural and Equine Imagery

The Mayor’s Gallery of Stamford

From Jan 10 to Mar 03, 2023
Event times range between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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“Jean Benoit’s Journey”: oil paintings inspired by cultural and equine imagery is the first exhibition of 2023 at The Mayor’s Gallery of Stamford.
Originally from Haiti, local artist Jean Benoit's love affair with the arts began at an early age when he was exposed to many different art forms including folklore, ballet, jazz, traditional local arts and even comic books. A self-taught artist, he has devoted himself to a lifetime study of the arts. He draws inspiration from all aspects of the universe. Mr. Benoit resides in Stamford, CT and maintains a studio at the Saint Philips Artists' Guild in Norwalk, CT. He is a board member of the Stamford Art Association.

Contact Name: Ellen Gordon

Contact Email: Egordonartist@gmail.com

Contact Phone: (203) 536-8277

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This event is free of charge.

appointments need to view exhibition at the Mayor's Gallery. Please contact Ellen Gordon, egordonartist@gmail to schedule.


The Mayor’s Gallery of Stamford
888 Washington Blvd 10th fl
Stamford, CT 06901

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