Lord of Yrself: Paintings and drawings by Elisa Flynn

The Gallery at Still River Editions

From Oct 11 to Dec 23, 2022
Event times range between 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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“Lord of Yrself” is a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings on paper by Elisa Flynn that will be on view at The Gallery at Still River Editions in Danbury, Connecticut from Saturday, October 8 through December 23, 2022. There is an opening reception on October 8th from 2 pm – 4 pm, and it is free and open to the public.

Flynn says, “Most of my work from the last several years has been focused on anthropomorphic characters, with animals as a substitute and focus, with very few humans. I’m mixing my concerns and fears about the natural world, with the creations and myths of humankind."

Images: excerpts from "Lord of Yourself", "St. Christina the Astonishing" © Elisa Flynn

Contact Name: Lys Guillorn

Contact Email: lys@littlecowgirl.com

Contact Phone: (203) 791-1474

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This event is free of charge.


The Gallery at Still River Editions
128 East Liberty Street, Suite 3
Danbury, CT 06810

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Ample parking in building's lot.

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10/11/202208:30 am05:00 pm
10/12/202208:30 am05:00 pm
10/13/202208:30 am05:00 pm
10/14/202208:30 am05:00 pm
10/17/202208:30 am05:00 pm
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10/24/202208:30 am05:00 pm
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10/27/202208:30 am05:00 pm
10/28/202208:30 am05:00 pm
10/31/202208:30 am05:00 pm
11/01/202208:30 am05:00 pm
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11/15/202208:30 am05:00 pm
11/16/202208:30 am05:00 pm
11/17/202208:30 am05:00 pm
11/18/202208:30 am05:00 pm
11/21/202208:30 am05:00 pm
11/22/202208:30 am05:00 pm
11/23/202208:30 am05:00 pm
11/28/202208:30 am05:00 pm
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