Make Your Mark

Fairfield Museum And History Center

From Feb 14 to Jul 14, 2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Opening Reception, Friday, February 14, 5-7pm.

On walls, on objects, on the human body, on paper… what does it mean to stamp your label, leave a paint stroke, sign your name, or sew a stitch? Make Your Mark, the Fairfield Museum’s latest exhibition, will open on February 14th with a free, fun reception that will be the perfect stop for a night out or a cocktail before your Valentine’s Day dinner.

The February 14th party is free and open to the public, and will run from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. It will feature hip music, henna tattoos, specialty cocktails and local fare. Guests can swing to musical compositions by Christopher Cavaliere while sipping an eclectic cocktail from Bigelow Tea and getting a cool henna tattoo from Fairfield artist Priyanka Jain.

Featuring innovative local artists and items from the Museum’s collections, Make Your Mark explores both the abstract and physical relationships between “making your mark” and mark-making. How do artists, artisans, leaders, and others leave their creative marks on their communities? The showcased artists include vibrant street muralist John Paul O’Grodnick, Bridgeport’s Liz Squillace (whose public art reaches new heights!) and Frankie Frieri of Three Roses tattoo studio.

All of the exhibiting artists will be at the February 14th party. In addition, visitors can take an up-close look into artists’ legacies from the Museum’s collections, as well as contemporary public art initiatives which can transform our communities. From graffiti and tattoo artists, to quilters and silversmiths, people demonstrate and use their talents to serve and connect, exhibit pride, and to leave a personal and lasting impression.

Featuring local artists John Paul O'Grodnick, Liz Squillace, and Frankie Frieri.

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Ticket Information

Admission: Fairfield Museum Members: FREE
Adults: $5 | Seniors: $3 |
Students (ages 6 – 22): $3
Children age 5 and younger: FREE


Fairfield Museum And History Center
370 Beach Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

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