Mio Yamato: 呼吸する星 / The Breathing Star

Heather Gaudio Fine Art

From Mar 18 to Apr 29, 2023
Event times range between 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

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Heather Gaudio Fine Art is pleased to present Mio Yamato: 呼吸する星 / The Breathing Star, marking the Japanese artist’s first solo gallery exhibition in the United States. The show, which features newly created works along with a site-specific installation, will run March 18-April 29, 2023. The public is invited to attend an opening reception for the artist on Saturday, March 18th, 4-6pm.

In Yamato’s works, the ubiquitous dots of paint or ink are deposited ever so delicately on the surface, making for quietly expressive compositions. The dotted arrangements render movement, gradation, and sense of depths, mutating to create allusions to the natural world that extend beyond the picture plane.

Contact Name: Sophia Ziotas

Contact Email: sophia@heathergaudiofineart.com

Contact Phone: (203) 801-9590

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Heather Gaudio Fine Art
66 Elm Street
New Canaan, CT 06840

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03/18/202310:30 am05:30 pm
03/19/202310:30 am05:30 pm
03/20/202310:30 am05:30 pm
03/21/202310:30 am05:30 pm
03/22/202310:30 am05:30 pm
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03/24/202310:30 am05:30 pm
03/25/202310:30 am05:30 pm
03/26/202310:30 am05:30 pm
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03/28/202310:30 am05:30 pm
03/29/202310:30 am05:30 pm
03/30/202310:30 am05:30 pm
03/31/202310:30 am05:30 pm
04/01/202310:30 am05:30 pm
04/02/202310:30 am05:30 pm
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04/04/202310:30 am05:30 pm
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04/13/202310:30 am05:30 pm
04/14/202310:30 am05:30 pm
04/15/202310:30 am05:30 pm
04/16/202310:30 am05:30 pm
04/17/202310:30 am05:30 pm
04/18/202310:30 am05:30 pm
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04/29/202310:30 am05:30 pm