Mira Lehr – Nature’s Rallying Cry

C. Parker Gallery

From Feb 23 to Apr 15, 2023
Event times range between 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Commonly and affectionately referred to as the “Godmother of Miami’s art scene”, Mira created outstanding and unique works throughout her life. Her exquisite creations have raised awareness and championed the environment. Marrying the strength of gunpowder and the delicate nature of Japanese rice paper, Mira created captivating works of art that delighted collector’s senses and brought attention and urgency to our delicate ecosystem. A pioneer in the arts, a steward for the environment, a champion of women and talented creative, Mira’s vision of a better world shines though in this solo exhibition.

This world premiere celebrates and gives tribute to both Mira and her final artworks.

Contact Name: Tiffany Benincasa

Contact Email: tiffany@cparkergallery.com

Contact Phone: (203) 661-0205

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This event is free of charge.


C. Parker Gallery
409 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830

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02/23/202311:00 am5pm
02/24/202311:00 am5pm
02/25/202311:00 am5pm
02/26/202311:00 am5pm
02/27/202311:00 am5pm
02/28/202311:00 am5pm
03/01/202311:00 am5pm
03/02/202311:00 am5pm
03/03/202311:00 am5pm
03/04/202311:00 am5pm
03/05/202311:00 am5pm
03/06/202311:00 am5pm
03/07/202311:00 am5pm
03/08/202311:00 am5pm
03/09/202311:00 am5pm
03/10/202311:00 am5pm
03/11/202311:00 am5pm
03/12/202311:00 am5pm
03/13/202311:00 am5pm
03/14/202311:00 am5pm
03/15/202311:00 am5pm
03/16/202311:00 am5pm
03/17/202311:00 am5pm
03/18/202311:00 am5pm
03/19/202311:00 am5pm
03/20/202311:00 am5pm
03/21/202311:00 am5pm
03/22/202311:00 am5pm
03/23/202311:00 am5pm
03/24/202311:00 am5pm
03/25/202311:00 am5pm
03/26/202311:00 am5pm
03/27/202311:00 am5pm
03/28/202311:00 am5pm
03/29/202311:00 am5pm
03/30/202311:00 am5pm
03/31/202311:00 am5pm
04/01/202311:00 am5pm
04/02/202311:00 am5pm
04/03/202311:00 am5pm
04/04/202311:00 am5pm
04/05/202311:00 am5pm
04/06/202311:00 am5pm
04/07/202311:00 am5pm
04/08/202311:00 am5pm
04/09/202311:00 am5pm
04/10/202311:00 am5pm
04/11/202311:00 am5pm
04/12/202311:00 am5pm
04/13/202311:00 am5pm
04/14/202311:00 am5pm
04/15/202311:00 am5pm