Music with Marcus, Toddler & caregiver music classes, six Wednesdays starting April 26

Carriage Barn Arts Center

From Apr 26 to May 31, 2023
Event times range between 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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Classes are geared towards ages 4 months-5 years old.
Come and enjoy music classes with your little one, sing & dance along to your children's favorite tunes and play instruments including shakers, maracas, guitars and drums!
Songs, instrument play and dancing gives young children the opportunity to develop tonal and rhythm skills as well as new ways of learning, growing, and socializing.
Each child will receive their own instruments to use for each class (all instruments are fully sanitized after each class).
$260 / child for 6 classes (20% discount for siblings)

Contact Name: Janet Dinger

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (203) 594-3638

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Carriage Barn Arts Center
681 South Avenue (Route 124)
New Canaan, CT 06840

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There is parking available in Waveny Park outside the Carriage Barn

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Additional Dates

Date Start End
04/26/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
04/27/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
04/28/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
04/29/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
04/30/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/01/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/02/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/03/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/04/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/05/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/06/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/07/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/08/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/09/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/10/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/11/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/12/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/13/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/14/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/15/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/16/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/17/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/18/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/19/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/20/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/21/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/22/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/23/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/24/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/25/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/26/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/27/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/28/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/29/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/30/202303:30 pm04:00 pm
05/31/202303:30 pm04:00 pm