New Exhibition. The Dawn of Modern Medicine: Selections from the Medical Artifact Collection of M. Donald Blaufox, MD, PhD

New Exhibition. The Dawn of Modern Medicine: Selections from the Medical Artifact Collection of M. Donald Blaufox, MD, PhD

Bruce Museum

From Nov 24 to Apr 07, 2019
All Day

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The 19th century witnessed a remarkable transformation of the field of medical practice. At the beginning of the century, medical instruments were often beautifully crafted but could not be sterilized. As the era progressed, germ theory became accepted and aseptic tools replaced aesthetically pleasing instruments made of wood, ivory, and ebony. Advancing technology brought the world new ways to diagnose illness such as the stethoscope, x-rays, and sphygmomanometer (for blood pressure). Many of these innovative instruments are direct precursors of those used by present-day doctors, often with remarkably little modification. This exhibition will showcase approximately 100 artifacts from the collection of M. Donald Blaufox, MD, PhD, ranging from surgical tools to quack patent medicines to early x-ray tubes, telling the story of how various branches of diagnostic and therapeutic medicine evolved. Dr. Blaufox is Professor and University Chairman Emeritus of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as well as a former Chairman of the American Board of Nuclear Medicine. Over the past four decades, Blaufox has assembled an unmatched collection of historic diagnostic instruments.

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Bruce Museum
One Museum Drive
Greenwich, CT 06830

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