Silvermine Summer Art Studios

Silvermine School of Art

From Jun 19 to Aug 25, 2023
Event times range between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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The Silvermine School of Art summer Art Studio camps and workshops for students offer extraordinary opportunities for youth and teen students. Students will meet new friends and have fun on Silvermine’s 5-acre campus with its barns, classrooms, sculpture walk, and picturesque waterfall. Younger ones will gain new competence; older students can deepen their knowledge of technique and composition or strengthen a portfolio for college.

We offer over 120 art studio sessions in painting, drawing, photography, woodworking, ceramics, glass flame working, printmaking, jewelry, mixed media, and special studies. Sessions run in one-week sessions for ages 3 to 17.

Contact Name: Claire Cohen

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Contact Phone: (203) 966-6668

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Registration for Summer Art Studio camps can be completed through our website.

(203) 966-6668



Silvermine School of Art
1037 Silvermine Road
New Canaan, CT 06840

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Date Start End
06/19/202309:00 am04:00 pm
06/20/202309:00 am04:00 pm
06/21/202309:00 am04:00 pm
06/22/202309:00 am04:00 pm
06/23/202309:00 am04:00 pm
06/26/202309:00 am04:00 pm
06/27/202309:00 am04:00 pm
06/28/202309:00 am04:00 pm
06/29/202309:00 am04:00 pm
06/30/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/03/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/04/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/05/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/06/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/07/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/10/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/11/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/12/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/13/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/14/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/17/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/18/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/19/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/20/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/21/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/24/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/25/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/26/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/27/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/28/202309:00 am04:00 pm
07/31/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/01/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/02/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/03/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/04/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/07/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/08/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/09/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/10/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/11/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/14/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/15/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/16/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/17/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/18/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/21/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/22/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/23/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/24/202309:00 am04:00 pm
08/25/202309:00 am04:00 pm