Located at YMCA of Greenwich

From Feb 07 to Apr 11, 2019
10:30 am - 11:15 am

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StoryToddlers is not your typical storytime! Youngsters ages 18 months to 36 months experience their favorite stories without sitting still! Get messy, sing loud, dress up and make friends. Each session of StoryToddlers explores a different aspect of theater making and will ignite your young toddlers’ natural creativity. New tools for the caregiver to use in their day to day activities will be offered.

No Experience Necessary
Ages: 18 Months 36 Moinths

Contact Name: Kyle LeMaire

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (203) 869-1630 Ext. 304

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Ticket Information

Early Bird Pricing - $160 Until January 31, 2018
Regular Price - $200


Located at YMCA of Greenwich
50 E. Putnam
Greenwich, CT 06830

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  • Wheelchair Access Wheelchair Access

Additional Dates

Sat, 02/16/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sun, 02/17/201910:30 am11:15 am
Mon, 02/18/201910:30 am11:15 am
Tue, 02/19/201910:30 am11:15 am
Wed, 02/20/201910:30 am11:15 am
Thu, 02/21/201910:30 am11:15 am
Fri, 02/22/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sat, 02/23/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sun, 02/24/201910:30 am11:15 am
Mon, 02/25/201910:30 am11:15 am
Tue, 02/26/201910:30 am11:15 am
Wed, 02/27/201910:30 am11:15 am
Thu, 02/28/201910:30 am11:15 am
Fri, 03/01/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sat, 03/02/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sun, 03/03/201910:30 am11:15 am
Mon, 03/04/201910:30 am11:15 am
Tue, 03/05/201910:30 am11:15 am
Wed, 03/06/201910:30 am11:15 am
Thu, 03/07/201910:30 am11:15 am
Fri, 03/08/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sat, 03/09/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sun, 03/10/201910:30 am11:15 am
Mon, 03/11/201910:30 am11:15 am
Tue, 03/12/201910:30 am11:15 am
Wed, 03/13/201910:30 am11:15 am
Thu, 03/14/201910:30 am11:15 am
Fri, 03/15/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sat, 03/16/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sun, 03/17/201910:30 am11:15 am
Mon, 03/18/201910:30 am11:15 am
Tue, 03/19/201910:30 am11:15 am
Wed, 03/20/201910:30 am11:15 am
Thu, 03/21/201910:30 am11:15 am
Fri, 03/22/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sat, 03/23/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sun, 03/24/201910:30 am11:15 am
Mon, 03/25/201910:30 am11:15 am
Tue, 03/26/201910:30 am11:15 am
Wed, 03/27/201910:30 am11:15 am
Thu, 03/28/201910:30 am11:15 am
Fri, 03/29/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sat, 03/30/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sun, 03/31/201910:30 am11:15 am
Mon, 04/01/201910:30 am11:15 am
Tue, 04/02/201910:30 am11:15 am
Wed, 04/03/201910:30 am11:15 am
Thu, 04/04/201910:30 am11:15 am
Fri, 04/05/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sat, 04/06/201910:30 am11:15 am
Sun, 04/07/201910:30 am11:15 am
Mon, 04/08/201910:30 am11:15 am
Tue, 04/09/201910:30 am11:15 am
Wed, 04/10/201910:30 am11:15 am
Thu, 04/11/201910:30 am11:15 am

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