Silvermine Galleries

From Feb 25 to Mar 23, 2023
Event times range between 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Using software, Giuliani transforms her drawings into complex stitchable programs. They are embellished with appliqued pieces of other encaustic paintings using decorative stitch lines. These theatrical pieces create glimpses of otherworldly landscapes inhabited by imagined flora and fauna where houses can hang in the sky from a cloud, trees can walk and flowery meteors can rain down on a distant ocean.

Giuliani received her BFA from The University of Delaware, with further studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. She was the recipient of an Artist Fellowship Grant from the state of CT for Craft. Giuliani lives and works in Weston, CT.

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Contact Phone: (203) 966-9700

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Silvermine Galleries
1037 Silvermine Rd
New Canaan, CT 06840

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02/25/202310:00 am04:00 pm
02/26/202310:00 am04:00 pm
02/27/202310:00 am04:00 pm
02/28/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/01/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/02/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/03/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/04/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/05/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/06/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/07/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/08/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/09/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/10/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/11/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/12/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/13/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/14/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/15/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/16/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/17/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/18/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/19/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/20/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/21/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/22/202310:00 am04:00 pm
03/23/202310:00 am04:00 pm