Taking the Cure: Public Health 1880-1960

Westport Historical Society

From Aug 15 to Nov 17, 2019
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Taking the Cure, casts a lens on the social management of mental illness. It is an issue that resonates today and historically to the town of Westport which had two sanitariums for those considered mentally ill. The Westport Sanitarium and McFarland’s Sanitarium both opened in the late 19th century operated in town into the middle of the 20th century. The goal of the exhibit is to spark conversation and consideration among visitors in this time when mental health and welfare has become a pressing national discussion.

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This event is free of charge.

Opening Reception: August 15, 6 - 7:30 pm


Westport Historical Society
25 Avery Place
Westport, CT 06880

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Mon, 09/16/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 09/17/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 09/18/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 09/19/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 09/20/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 09/21/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 09/22/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 09/23/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 09/24/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 09/25/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 09/26/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 09/27/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 09/28/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 09/29/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 09/30/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 10/01/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 10/02/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 10/03/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 10/04/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 10/05/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 10/06/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 10/07/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 10/08/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 10/09/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 10/10/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 10/11/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 10/12/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 10/13/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 10/14/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 10/15/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 10/16/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 10/17/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 10/18/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 10/19/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 10/20/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 10/21/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 10/22/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 10/23/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 10/24/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 10/25/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 10/26/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 10/27/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 10/28/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 10/29/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 10/30/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 10/31/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 11/01/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 11/02/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 11/03/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 11/04/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 11/05/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 11/06/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 11/07/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 11/08/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 11/09/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 11/10/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
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Fri, 11/15/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 11/16/20196:00 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 11/17/20196:00 pm7:30 pm

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