Textile Design

Textile Design

New England Fashion+Design Association

From Sep 23 to May 11, 2020
3:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Textile Design
3:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Norwalk, CT ONLY!
What clothes would be without textile design? In this workshop, you will be introduced to classic and contemporary techniques to develop either textile designs or fabric surfaces. The opportunities are endless. If you feel that you love to touch fabrics, imagine and appreciate beautiful creations, this is your class. The class is instructed by professional designers and professors from Parsons School of design and FIT. Uniqueness is what we will teach you or as we like here to say, we will help you to find your creative self.

Contact Name: Irina

Contact Email: irina@newenglandfashionanddesign.com

Contact Phone: 203 345-0030

NOTE: We do our best to ensure all information is accurate, however it's a good idea to visit the website or call the venue to verify the information.


Ticket Information

8 sessions X4h $1180

203 345-0030



New England Fashion+Design Association
24B Monroe Street
Norwalk, CT 06854

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Accessibility Info

  • Wheelchair Access Wheelchair Access

Workshops for Fashion, Art and Design for all ages
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Fashion Design
Fashion Stylist
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Additional Dates

Tue, 01/21/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 01/22/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 01/23/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 01/24/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 01/25/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 01/26/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 01/27/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 01/28/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 01/29/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 01/30/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 01/31/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 02/01/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 02/02/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 02/03/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 02/04/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 02/05/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 02/06/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 02/07/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 02/08/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 02/09/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 02/10/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 02/11/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 02/12/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 02/13/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 02/14/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 02/15/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 02/16/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 02/17/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 02/18/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 02/19/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 02/20/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 02/21/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 02/22/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 02/23/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 02/24/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 02/25/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 02/26/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 02/27/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 02/28/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 02/29/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 03/01/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 03/02/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 03/03/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 03/04/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 03/05/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 03/06/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 03/07/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 03/08/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 03/09/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 03/10/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 03/11/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 03/12/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 03/13/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 03/14/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 03/15/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 03/16/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 03/17/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 03/18/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 03/19/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 03/20/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 03/21/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 03/22/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 03/23/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 03/24/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 03/25/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 03/26/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 03/27/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 03/28/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 03/29/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 03/30/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 03/31/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 04/01/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 04/02/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 04/03/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 04/04/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 04/05/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 04/06/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 04/07/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 04/08/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 04/09/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 04/10/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 04/11/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 04/12/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 04/13/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 04/14/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 04/15/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 04/16/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 04/17/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 04/18/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 04/19/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 04/20/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 04/21/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 04/22/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 04/23/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 04/24/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 04/25/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 04/26/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 04/27/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 04/28/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 04/29/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 04/30/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 05/01/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 05/02/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 05/03/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 05/04/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Tue, 05/05/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Wed, 05/06/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Thu, 05/07/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Fri, 05/08/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sat, 05/09/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Sun, 05/10/20203:30 pm7:30 pm
Mon, 05/11/20203:30 pm7:30 pm

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