Nat Connacher, Lisa Cuscuna and Lisa Hillman: “Squeegeed, Poured and More”

Mayor’s Gallery, Stamford

From May 01 to Jun 28, 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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“Squeegeed, Poured and More”

Nat Connacher, Lisa Cuscuna and Lisa Hillman

An inspired collection of work exploring each artist’s personal painting method.

Reception: May 2 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Nat Connacher

Nat’s art is the synthesis of his love for typography and an ability to simplify complex visual ideas with raw emotional marks on paper. He puts his whole body into his paint strokes to let the motion/action dictate the composition. Then he removes the medium with different degrees of force to reveal what has always been there, as a sculptor does with stone.

The spontaneous blending and removal of paint creates an abstract composition of color and texture. “The texture is the residue of paint that will not be washed away, like the underlying wisdom and strength we all possess – our authentic self”, says Connacher.

Nat is president and creative director of Connacher Art & Design where he combines his different artistic interests to develop visual dialogues between his clients and their audiences. His areas of expertise are corporate identity, branding and visual information design for print and the Internet.

Nat is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and holds a MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University. For more information about Nat visit:

Lisa Cuscuna

Over a span of 40 years Lisa has explored the process of pouring thinned oil paint as part of her technique. Sometimes the liquid paint is used as a foundation while other times the entire canvas is made only with poured paint. The paint is poured and then manipulated by tilting and adjusting the surface of the canvas. This process provides a fascinating array of textures and color that are completely spontaneous, invoking a feeling that the paint itself is creating the structure and design of the work. More often the involvement for Cuscuna is one of restraint and observation. Knowing when to inhibit or curtail the flow is essential and key to achieving a composition that is rhythmic and unfettered. Some times brushed paint is added to the mix, later to be enhanced with a palette knife.

Lisa is a member of the Greenwich Arts Council and is a member of the Arts & Culture Commission for the City of Stamford. She was President of the Loft Artists Association from 2009 to 2013, and is now a board member and Treasurer of the LAA.

Lisa is a graduate of Cooper Union School of Science and Art. For more information about Lisa visit:

Lisa Hillman

Lisa’s choice of palette as a painting instrument drives the flow of her work. In this series she has harnessed the singular qualities of the palette knife, discovering the paint’s response to the blade, sweeping on layers of glazes or exploiting the paint’s inherent viscosity.

The constant shift between observation and reflection is integral to Hillman’s creative practice; “It is the silent murmur of a dialogue between image and word. Similarly, the silent hours in my studio and the hectic hours of teaching create a fine balance between work and play, each stimulating the process of exploration, experimentation, and expression. Beyond the tactile pleasure of working with a variety of materials, I enjoy the problem solving and the realm of surprise that my work offers.”

Lisa teaches art programs and workshops in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Arizona. She maintains a studio at the Loft Artists Association in Stamford where she serves on the Board of Directors and originated the annual spring Draw On event and Summer Art Workshop programs.

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Mayor’s Gallery, Stamford
888 Washington blvd 10th floor
Stamford, CT 06901

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