Topping the Charts: The Rise of Bridgeport’s Columbia Records

Topping the Charts: The Rise of Bridgeport’s Columbia Records

Fairfield Museum And History Center

From Jul 30 to Apr 03, 2022
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Our newest exhibit, "Topping the Charts: The Rise of Bridgeport’s Columbia Records," opens July 30!

Serving as a powerhouse in an already industrial city, Columbia Records successfully brought affordable and accessible recorded music into American homes. Columbia Records was also an innovative laboratory where local engineers and scientists changed the sound of music—literally.

The history of Columbia Records is a story of innovation, interwoven with that of a burgeoning city and a nation exulting in its emerging industrial prowess.
In less than a century, the American Graphophone Company and its successor, Columbia Records, transformed recorded sound, first by introducing gramophones into the American household. But this accomplishment was only the starting point—they continued to experiment with sound until they eventually became the first to create the lateral-cut record, LPs, and stereophonic sound.

As Columbia Records improved and invented new products, the inner-workings of the company changed as well. With thousands of employees, many of whom were recent immigrants or first-generation Americans, Columbia Records saw dynamic changes in its first 50 years, many of which revolved around worker’s rights and unionization.

Columbia Record’s impact is still seen (or rather, heard) today. Any recorded audio—from songs to podcasts to videos to audiobooks—are enjoyed thanks to their tremendous work in expanding the technology of sound.

Visit us July 30 from 5:30-7pm for our preview open house! Be one of the first to learn this incredible story.

“Topping the Charts: The Rise of Bridgeport’s Columbia Records” is generously sponsored by CT Humanities.

Contact Name: Visitor Service

Contact Email: info@fairfieldhs.org

Contact Phone: 203-259-1598

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Ticket Information

Must pay general admission to see exhibit. Preview Open House is free to the public.

Adults: $5
Seniors: $3
Students (6-22): $3
Children age 5 and younger: Free
FMHC members: Free




Fairfield Museum And History Center
370 Beach Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

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