“War: What is it Good For?”

Loft Artists Association

From Jul 13 to Aug 18, 2019
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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July 13 – August 18, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 13, 5-7 pm
Gallery Open Saturdays and Sundays, 1:00 - 4:30 pm
575 Pacific Street, Stamford CT

The Loft Artists Association is hosting an exciting exhibit for LAA member and non-member artists titled, “War: What is it Good For?” in the Phillips and West Galleries at 575 Pacific Street from July 13 through August 18, 2019, with an Opening Reception on Saturday, July 13, from 5-7 pm.

“War: What is it Good For?” Well, in the words of the late, great American singer and songwriter, Edwin Star, “Absolutely nothing’”. In an effort to tap society’s collective memory (and possibly conscience), the Loft Artists present an exhibition of works depicting the images of war. Meant to be thought provoking, disturbing, and politically motivating.

“I said, war, huh good god, why'all
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing say it again”

“This is an excellent opportunity to explore a theme with significant historical context as well as one that is particularly relevant in today’s world.” states LAA artist and exhibit chair Paul Larson. “We are excited to invite area artists to join LAA artists in exploring this socially and politically charged topic.”

Contact Name: Mark Macrides

Contact Email: loftartistassociation@gmail.com

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This event is free of charge.



Loft Artists Association
575 Pacific Street
Stamford , CT 06902

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Additional Dates

Wed, 07/17/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Thu, 07/18/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Fri, 07/19/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sat, 07/20/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sun, 07/21/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Mon, 07/22/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Tue, 07/23/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Wed, 07/24/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Thu, 07/25/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Fri, 07/26/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sat, 07/27/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sun, 07/28/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Mon, 07/29/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Tue, 07/30/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Wed, 07/31/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Thu, 08/01/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Fri, 08/02/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sat, 08/03/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sun, 08/04/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Mon, 08/05/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Tue, 08/06/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Wed, 08/07/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Thu, 08/08/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Fri, 08/09/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sat, 08/10/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sun, 08/11/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Mon, 08/12/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Tue, 08/13/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Wed, 08/14/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Thu, 08/15/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Fri, 08/16/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sat, 08/17/20191:00 pm4:30 pm
Sun, 08/18/20191:00 pm4:30 pm

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