Winter Writing Workshops

Winter Writing Workshops

Westport Writers’ Workshop

From Jan 11 to Mar 08, 2021
10:00 am - 9:30 pm

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Over 35 new and returning workshops -- from fiction, short story writing, and screenwriting to memoirs, children’s fiction, cultural narratives, “Prompts to Get Your Narrative Moving” and many more.

At Westport Writers’ Workshop we feel every person is a writer. Here, you will find a safe environment in which to experiment and develop craft. Each limited enrollment workshop focuses on a particular genre or approach allowing participants to learn from our highly talented and accomplished instructors and from each other in a supportive, friendly atmosphere.

This year, our winter session will begin the week of January 11th and end early March.

Currently all of our workshops are online via Zoom.

Contact Name: Beth Saunders

Contact Email: info@westportwriters.org

Contact Phone: 2032273250

NOTE: We do our best to ensure all information is accurate, however it's a good idea to visit the website or call the venue to verify the information.


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Westport Writers’ Workshop
PO Box 187
Westport, CT 06880

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All Spring classes are currently online via Zoom. Please email or call us with questions.

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Additional Dates

Tue, 01/19/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Wed, 01/20/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Thu, 01/21/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Fri, 01/22/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sat, 01/23/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sun, 01/24/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Mon, 01/25/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Tue, 01/26/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Wed, 01/27/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Thu, 01/28/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Fri, 01/29/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sat, 01/30/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sun, 01/31/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Mon, 02/01/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Tue, 02/02/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Wed, 02/03/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Thu, 02/04/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Fri, 02/05/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sat, 02/06/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sun, 02/07/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Mon, 02/08/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Tue, 02/09/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Wed, 02/10/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Thu, 02/11/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Fri, 02/12/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sat, 02/13/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sun, 02/14/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Mon, 02/15/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Tue, 02/16/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Wed, 02/17/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Thu, 02/18/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Fri, 02/19/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sat, 02/20/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sun, 02/21/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Mon, 02/22/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Tue, 02/23/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Wed, 02/24/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Thu, 02/25/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Fri, 02/26/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sat, 02/27/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sun, 02/28/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Mon, 03/01/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Tue, 03/02/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Wed, 03/03/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Thu, 03/04/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Fri, 03/05/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sat, 03/06/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Sun, 03/07/202110:00 am9:30 pm
Mon, 03/08/202110:00 am9:30 pm

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