WordPlay: Messages in Branches & Bark

Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Library

From Mar 30 to May 10, 2023
Event times range between 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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The Flinn Gallery in collaboration with browngrotta arts of Wilton, CT is pleased to present WordPlay: Messages in Branches & Bark.
The exhibition features the work of two internationally renowned artists, Gyöngy Laky and John McQueen, and runs from March 30 to May 10.

Both artists use materials found in nature in combination with unexpected man-made elements to create baskets and other recognizable forms, such as words, symbols, books, and animal and human figures. The exhibition was planned to coincide with Earth Day.
The Opening Reception will be held on Thursday, March 30 from 6 - 8 pm.

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Contact Email: info@flinngallery.com

Contact Phone: (203) 622-7947

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This event is free of charge.


Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Library
101 West Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

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03/30/202306:00 pm08:00 pm
03/31/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/01/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/02/202301:00 pm05:00 pm
04/03/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/04/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/05/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/06/202310:00 am08:00 pm
04/07/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/08/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/09/202301:00 pm05:00 pm
04/10/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/11/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/12/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/13/202310:00 am08:00 pm
04/14/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/15/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/16/202301:00 pm05:00 pm
04/17/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/18/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/19/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/20/202310:00 am08:00 pm
04/21/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/22/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/23/202301:00 pm05:00 pm
04/24/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/25/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/26/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/27/202310:00 am08:00 pm
04/28/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/29/202310:00 am05:00 pm
04/30/202301:00 pm05:00 pm
05/01/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/02/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/03/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/04/202310:00 am08:00 pm
05/05/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/06/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/07/202301:00 pm05:00 pm
05/08/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/09/202310:00 am05:00 pm
05/10/202310:00 am05:00 pm