“A Bus Is Born” for Connecticut’s Non-Profit Mobile Art Museum, cARTie

Connecticut’s non-profit mobile art museum, cARTie, recently acquired its 20’ bus from DATTCO, the state’s leading school bus provider. Repairs and retrofit plans are already underway thanks to the non-profit’s latest $10,000 P/Arts Grant from the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation. The bus-turned-mobile-museum is set to pilot its highly interactive and participatory, critical museum-based programming that enriches and deepens early education – while meeting Common Core State Standards, National Core Art Standards, and Social-Emotional Learning Frameworks – for PreK-2 students who otherwise may not have access to robust arts programming in thirteen pilot elementary school partners this 2021-2022 school year.

P/Arts is the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation’s unique initiative servicing non-profit organizations in Connecticut, New York, Florida, and Washington, D.C. that enrich daily curricula, early childhood education, and underprivileged learners’ educational experiences with the integration of the arts. Harnessing the transformational potential and power of the arts in education, cARTie is pleased to carry on the philanthropic mission of Mrs. Cornelia Tarrant Bailey, her husband, Glenn, and the Foundation, which aims to “help ensure that communities, children, and future generations have access to the arts and a quality education.”

cARTie’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Clare Murray, shares: “We’re excited to be a P/Arts recipient and to see our mission and vision of bridging inequities in education and arts access across Connecticut reflected so wholly in the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation. Our mobile museum bus is a sure testament to Mr. and Mrs. Bailey’s lifelong work to center the arts in education for societal well-being.”

To learn more about the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation, please visit www.ctbfoundation.org. To learn more about cARTie, please visit www.cartie.org. Follow cARTie on Facebook and Instagram @CTcARTie!