RED Fashion College is a multilayered community project.

We are looking to not only improve the level of education, teach young adults and students to be sustainable with their lives, but to engage the community in collaborative projects with our students and to create unity of creativity, support new and existing businesses, retain our students after graduation in the area and bring more manufacturing and culture to our town of Norwalk.

We are looking to disrupt the style of education and offer a 21st century style Boutique Design College for Entrepreneurs. We have created a self-sustainable education platform which will be still open to our students even after completion of their education.

We will be standing and supporting their dreams while is school and years after. We are here to teach them independent thinking and communal life that emphasizes on their dreams and enables them to create and live the life they want to live.

Red Fashion College is the natural evolution of our existing business New England Fashion and Design association.

As a small business we achieved very high standards in education and developed a very successful curriculum to help the new generation to learn, develop critical thinking and project solving skills.

We were able to help students with creative minds who are usually considered students with learning disability in the current left brain-oriented curriculum school system to develop themselves and reach the heights of their creativity. We are currently retaining students between 3-9 years, and we have 100% success rate in placing them in the best colleges around the world.

Our next step is to continue our efforts to make the world a better place by starting to offer accredited courses at RED Fashion College, which was established, and its curriculum approved during the pandemic 2021.
The college is located at South Norwalk Train Station, which intimately we call “The Fashion Train Station”. In many ways we already are doing the work, but we need to complete the accreditation process which is half met and now we need to present space, equipment, and more collegial look for the business.