Adair Wilson Heitmann is an award-winning dynamic, creative, and inspiring champion of the arts = artist, writer, educator & speaker.

For decades she's been an exhibiting fine artist. Her work is in many private collections. It is about self-expression and learning and mastering new techniques and technologies. She gets bored easily, once she's finished a series she is done and on to the next. She is gratified when judges, gallery directors, and collectors resonate with what she expresses. Currently, she's working in printmaking, photography, and video essays. A common theme in her work is texture, use of color, and embracing in-process surprises.

She creates from her imagination . . . she loves a blank canvas! She can plan a project in her mind (and on scraps of paper and iPhone Notes) for months, sometimes years. Then she works fully in the present moment of creativity and allows her skills and focus to spontaneously bring in something more nuanced, deeper, or more whimsical then planned.

As a graphic designer, writer, and educator she has also worked in design, marketing, and communications for municipal, literary, creative, entrepreneurial, academic, wellness, for profit/not-for-profit, and corporate environments.

She is published in three anthologies, in hundreds of articles about creativity, wellness, nature, writing, meditation, dreams, and the mind/body/spirit connection.

Oh yes, and she's won a bunch of honors, grants, and awards along the way.



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