Annamari Mikkola is a nationally recognized photographer, jewelry designer and art director. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows both nationally and internationally. Her last exhibited body of work, Dollhouse, earned a special mention in the New York Times. She serves in the New Canaan technology advisory committee and as a lead curator in the New Canaan Library Art Committee.

Artistic Statement

Being omniscient has been always been an intriguing concept for me. When one is omniscient, one has the ability to perceive the reality through the viewpoint of another. For this body of work, I was trying to interpret insects’ reality. I have explored this theme previously in “The Dollhouse” series. Even if I had omniscient capability, it is unfathomably difficult to be absolutely certain that an omniscient me is looking at another’s reality or not, because I may be myself deceived. Therefore, there can be no sure way of looking through to another’s eyes, as there is no ontological truth. While insects’ perspective, due to their size and anatomy would by default be antrorse, what do we really know about their way of seeing. Do they see monochromatically or maybe in in technicolor?, Do they see multiple images or layers? Is it blurry, dreamy or magical? While attempting to perceive and interpret insects’ viewpoint, I took the freedom to use my imagination to translate the experience. Since I had only limited number of scientific facts and known truths as guidelines, my creative process was truly liberated.



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