Brian Whelan grew up in London, of Irish parents. After his training at the Royal Academy of Arts, he lived and worked in the East Anglia area of England near the North Sea for over 25 years. Brian's journey as an artist began its definitive gateway just outside his own studio door, in the medieval churches and dwellings of East Anglia. The vestiges of the medieval art form resonate with Brian's Irish Catholic roots, back to a time when there was one church and from its painted walls great stories were told. His oeuvre, like much medieval art, depicts a sublime comedy of life's glories and tragedies. In addition to painting religious subjects, Brian also feels compelled to paint London, the city of his birth. He has discovered that only from the safety of his studio in the countryside can he produce these cityscapes as if memory proves to be the only way the vast subject matter can be put into a work of art. He accomplishes this by using multi-perspectives and contradictory scales, bending, twisting and organizing the urban chaos into harmony. His works can be found in public and private collections worldwide. Since 2013, Brian and his American wife, Wendy Roseberry, have split their time between the US, the UK, Spain and Ireland. His most recent exhibitions have been in the UK and the US (CT and PA). Future shows will include NYC. Brian's Connecticut studio and home is on Westport Rd. between Westport and Wilton.



Brian Whelan
303 Westport Road
Wilton, CT 06897

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+1 (540) 303-0734



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  • Wheelchair Access

The house and studio are on 4 acres of land. Brian's finished paintings are on display and for sale n the house; works in progress are in the studio. Wheelchair access is available in both the house and studio.