Artist Statement

To be an Artist is to be in search of what is good, beautiful and true in life, while consenting to one’s natural ability with joy and gratitude in order to share it with others.

My method is lyrical and poetic, where all contact is direct with each piece and dedicated to revealing working in the moment of creating. The work embodies a representational foundational method with an integration of the impressionist and expressionist schools with my vision, and my training that was rooted in the academy’s classics where the organizational drawing is an illustrative narrative, while keeping the traditional subject of the landscape,

I look to enhance natural beauty by bringing forth the transcendent and the invisible of what is occurring as if what is below the surface, for my brush is dancing upon the atoms of colors.

Through my brushwork, I look to capture through color movement multiple contrapuntal motions, such as what is in music: contrary, similar, parallel and oblique movements. It is an inventive shorthand looking to contain the 3 components of the rhythmic energy of impressionism: sensitivity, tempo, and charge.

My palette is composed of juxtaposed colors. My color selection is based upon my plein air experience of working in an intensity and movement of the light of France’s Provence Cote d’Azur, and in Italy’s Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria, and New England’s coastal regions.

In finishing up the work, I seek to complete it in the moment of the experience where the environment of light through colors are dreamt into existence, applying expressive elements thus creating an image poetry piece with jazzical notes, thereby creating a freshness of an American Impressionist piece.

I prepare my canvas of linen and cotton in the classical way, and implore mixing my own colors onto the works.



Dmitri Wright
106 Hunting Ridge Road
Greenwich, CT 06831

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(203) 832-3325



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