I believe it is my duty to tell the story of our present lives for future generations to build on, like our ancestors did in caves 10,000 years ago. By studying our visual history we can see our evolution and strive for a better tomorrow through a sophisticated visual language. In my public works, I’m inspired by this language and reference it for context in our current struggles, achievements and/or aspirations. This is especially true in my large scale projects at the South Norwalk Train Station and at the Norwalk Public Library. In the train station, I used the language of fashion to represent decades of transitory history in Norwalk, CT. In the library mural, I was able to share my parents story of migration from Colombia, South America to Norwalk, CT, by using architecture and design as my visual transitions from country to country. I feel it’s essential to understand the population for which you are creating for and adapting ideas around that said population. I find complete joy in creating a narrative story that connects generations of people through symbols, color, texture and our shared visual cues.

I am honored to be collected by both public and private institutions, including the city of Norwalk, the city of New Haven, the Mattatuck Museum, Disney and Gulfstream Worldwide.



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