The desire to capture and share her colorful vision of the world has propelled Ellen’s journey as a photographer. Upon graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in graphic design, Ellen was quick to find real world experience in New York’s publishing world. It was during these exciting years that Ellen’s skills were brought to light. At magazines where deadlines drove the decision making process, Ellen learned the importance of trusting her instincts in choosing images to pair with stories that would support and enliven the text. As Art Director her growth as an artist thrived thanks in part to the challenges of working within the parameters of each story. Throughout this process Ellen gained a deeper understanding of how creative applications of light and location could serve as framing devices to personalize a photo and engage the viewer. These formative years working in one of the great creative hubs of the country proved highly influential on Ellen’s emerging vision as an artist.

Ellen further recognized the importance of proportion and scale as the long time Chairman of the Fairfield Historic District Commission. This major influence is a defining characteristic of her artistic style today. Particularly it is Ellen’s focus on the juxtaposition of form, color, and light that create an enticing and spirited context for her images.



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