Edelio – from Old Greek; forever youthful, forever relevant

Because that is music; a medium like no other, transcending all generations and boundaries, weaving tales that pull you in whether they were composed centuries or weeks ago. Founded in 2017, on the pillars of performance and education in equal measure, Festival Edelio brings world-class artists to share their love of music and engage you, the active listener, with bold and innovative programming in an intimate concert setting.

Situated on the gorgeous banks of Westport, Connecticut, an artist haven throughout the years, Edelio strives to let every audience member discover something unique within themselves. Whether you are a connoisseur coming to a concert to hear a brand new commissioned work, experiencing your first Beethoven quartet, or witnessing your child get one-on-one advice from an international soloist, Festival Edelio will provide you with musical memories that will stay with you forever.



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