The mission of Pollinator Pathways is to connect urban green spaces and yards together to create a contiguous corridor of habitat for bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects that together with our woodlands, parks and open spaces provides a home where birds and animals can thrive within the human landscape. Pollinators make it possible for 70 percent of our fruits and vegetables to grow and end up on our tables. They also facilitate an interconnected ecosystem that supports the needs of both visible and microscopic plant and animal life.  The place we call home in Greenwich, CT, is shared with a multitude of organisms and we all depend on each other for survival.  Our goal is to create a corridor of contiguous pollinator-friendly properties, including open spaces in Greenwich and the adjacent private ones belonging to residents. Everyone in Greenwich should consider taking part in the Pollinator Pathway project since the bees and butterflies don't recognize the signs and only look for nectar! 
 Pollinator Pathways helps us to reimagine and redesign the relationship between our urban, rural and preserved landscapes and the organisms that inhabit them. By enabling networks of native pollinators --- one of the most profound agents of our Earth's ecosystem --- to live among us with all their associated benefits, we boldly take a major step forward in the preservation and promotion of our wild and human communities. This Pollinator Pathway project is organized by volunteers from town conservation organizations working together to establish pollinator-friendly habitat and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinating insects and wildlife along a series of continuous corridors.  Most native bees have a range of about 750 meters, so the goal is to connect properties that are no farther apart than that.  This project began in 2017 in Wilton, CT. Since then, pathways have been established in over 200 towns in CT, NY, MA, NJ, PA and the list keeps growing.  Greenwich Pollinator Pathway is celebrating our native plants and the animals that depend on them with a mural on Putnam Avenue. The mural will be installed on a 100-foot long wall at the bus stop across from the GHS football stadium and highlight the importance of pollinator habitat within our community. This mural will be the first in Greenwich and as a piece of public art it is our hope that it will inspire both community action and encourage residents to plant pollinator habitat in their window boxes, tree wells and throughout the landscaping on their properties.



Greenwich Pollinator Pathway
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