Harry L. Green was employed in the corporate world of banking, the aircraft industry, and telecommunications, with an undergraduate degree in management/finance and an MBA in finance. In 1996, after a personal tragedy, he decided to focus his energy on something that would fulfill the creative void he was experiencing. He began in 1997 with an adult education class in art and then formed a group of 10 other artists in 2000 to continue the learning. He has participated in numerous shows as a solo artist and with the group, and was the featured artist on Channel 12’s “Our Lives” program.
“As a black artist, I try to capture what I call a classical depiction of the vision in the realm of what stands out in my mind and how I translate those visions to canvas. A visual is implanted in my mind and my challenge is to determine how to translate that scenery, portraits, pose, animals to canvas and churn up a sentiment. A picture can formulate a theme, object or word. With each canvas, I try to depict and capture a certain serenity, attainment, cooperation, blissfulness and beauty of creation. Like ones favorite comfort food, I try to provide a comfortable visual pleasantry with my personal artistic signature and classical depictions.”



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