Kathy Lea Fitzgerald is an art therapist who has recently discovered her own talents as a practicing artist.

Graduating from New York University with a Master’s in Art Therapy, she witnessed for the next 25 years, using the creative arts in the mental health field, many memorable transformations as patients discovered their own talents and passions through the healing process. A strong advocate for mental health and its awareness in the community, Kathy was herself diagnosed with bipolar disorder 23 years ago and just three years ago discovered the power of art to heal herself.

Her works are contemporary and expressive, often reflecting her emotional state. She works with acrylic on canvas and explores and utilizes various techniques while painting. Her works often have a “calming” effect for the viewer. Kathy finds that creating art is very therapeutic for her. Her works often derive from curiosity and create an emotional experience for the viewer.

As a self taught artist, she has discovered that there is no right or wrong way to paint. She believes that each painting has its own meaning and will evoke an emotional experience for each viewer.

Since discovering art, she has found inspiration, personal growth and emotional healing: “I am physically drawn to paint and it wakes up my spirit and soul.”



Kathy Fitzgerald
98 Old Boston
Wilton, CT 06897

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