Lauri MacLean, celebrated dance innovator with more than twenty years’ experience at the helm of her own dance studio, is recognized in the regional creative community for her significant contribution to the field as both an artist and educator. Lauri now turns her creative vision to the canvas where she choreographs paint. My work is an expression of the subconscious that surfaces and emerges through me as I participate in this visual alchemy. This truly is a form of magic. I believe myself to be a conduit; allowing something deep to be expressed through line, color, and shape. An archeologist of the soul as it were. The parallels to dance are obvious to me and I have found great joy in translating my skills and passion as a dancer/choreographer to the movement of paint on this surface. Long inspired by the great Abstract Expressionists, I am intrigued and compelled to bring forth my own vision and share it with others. My goal is to at once create a transcendent yet grounded experience for the viewer.

Art has the power to elevate, transport, transcend. To serve as a catalyst for inspiration. To provide the spirit with the impetus to soar. To give vigor to dreams. I can only hope that my work moves others to create something of their own. A song, a dance, a poem, a kindness.



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