Nature. Emotion. Connection. Community. My artistic passion resides within this framework. We are a community of one, bound to nature, yet living in its absence. Paradoxically, we are losing our emotional connection to the very thing that sustains us. “Nature has always spoken to me in quiet ways, but now I find there's an inextricable link between me and the natural world that finds its voice in all my work.” As an artist, I believe in art for art's sake. But as a member of humanity, I believe in art with purpose. As such, I use my work as a conduit for change and to foster awareness, particularly within the area of conservation. My art is my voice. My art speaks to universal truths, but acknowledges the role of individual experience. It seeks to harness the power of community by inspiring others to take action. Driven by imperative, I employ the most effective media to manifest my message. From here, the torch is passed, and the viewer must ask, “Have I lost my connection with nature? And how do I save what is sacred?”



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