New Normal Rep exists today not in spite of the pandemic that swept the world in 2020, but because of it.
Born from a group of theater artists meeting weekly via computer to read plays as a sort of campfire in the dark desert of the 2020 plague, we realized with a fresh certainty that gathering to share stories from diverse voices is a key ingredient in the glue that holds communities and cultures together, even if – especially if – that binding seems less sturdy than ever. Thankfully, the technology exists to empower us to continue to be a force for communion in a time of polarization and upheaval.
New Normal Rep is dedicated to presenting both new and underproduced plays via the internet, in ways that maintain the essential dramatic spirit and nature of both the works and the theatrical experience itself.
We will center primarily on works that explore the historical, cultural, and psychological forces that have helped to shape life in America and beyond in the 21st Century. We will look at these phenomena from a range of cultural, racial, and socio-economic perspectives that reflect our modern cultural tapestry. We will work with writers, actors, directors, and designers drawn from all corners of our modern, fractured world. We commit to anti-racism training, as well as partnership with BIPOC organizations. Diversity is a tenet of both our seasons and our companies.
It’s been said that during one plague which shut down theaters, Shakespeare wrote King Lear. That’s a high bar to clear. But by producing deeply entertaining, engaging work that delivers high quality writing, directing, acting, and design, we believe New Normal Rep can help to keep theater’s vital role present and even, in a small way, expand its reach long after the plague has left us.
New Normal Rep: A New Theater for a New Era.



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