Project Music is a youth development after-school music program designed to create social change and nurture promising futures for youth in Stamford, CT city neighborhoods. In collaboration with our many community partners, including the Stamford Symphony and Boys & Girls Clubs of Stamford, our students(in non Covid times) attend programming 4 afternoons each week after school, providing an intensive daily musical environment for them as well as deep relationships with their musical ensemble and teachers. Studies are clear in showing students who participate in music programs gain and increase skills in academics, creative thinking, and collaboration. A shared engagement to the joy and fun of music making in addition to ideas for how to include the job of music in their lives, as performers or teachers, are results of participation in the program. Our collective success results in social transformation, creation of opportunity and access for those most in need, development of creativity and innovation and ultimately in giving our students the vision of a successful future. We Believe in Change Through Music!



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