My lifelong love of art has found its expression in fabric. I revel in the simple act of placing one fabric next to another. I am attracted to the endless possibilities offered by the materials and techniques. When I relax into the flow of movement and sewing, I know I am in the zone where all possibilities exist.

The art quilt’s main focus is shape. Pieces of cloth are cut into shapes, and these are arranged intuitively, then sewn in place as in the exploration of abstract art. Some of my work is representational where the process of arranging is more deliberate to create an illusion of a specific subject. The composed quilt top is then layered with batting and backing, and the improvisational process of machine quilting begins. The resulting stitched lines crisscross and radiate around the shapes, enhancing the composition with texture and emphasis.

Inspiration comes from various sources, both visual and intellectual. Sometimes an idea just bursts into my mind, and I can’t rest until I transform it into an art quilt. My camera is a trusty companion for visual documentation. It records interesting bits of the world around me, revealing curious combinations of color, shape and line. With ideas and visual stimulation to inspire me, I find the meaning in doing. This makes my passing sensations and ideas tactile and permanent. My hands show me the way.



Rita Daley Hannafin
44 Hackley St
Bridgeport, CT 06605-3139

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