Shelley Lowell is multi-talented. She is an artist, poet, graphic designer/art director, intuitive, and now filmmaker. Her art and designs have won many awards. Her poetry has been published. Originally from New York City she resides in Danbury. Her paintings with their poems express Nature's hopes, dreams, fears, and premonitions about the plight of the planet and the mistreatment earth has received from humankind. Recently she began creating short films of her paintings with her poems read as a voice over by the artist. Click on link below to view one.   She received her BFA from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. The monumental art she created from 1966 through 1974 earned her the label of NYC Feminist Artist. Although she never thought of herself as a feminist, She was simply expresses the images that came through her. This work is documented in the Elizabeth A. Sackler Art Base on the Brooklyn Museum website. Her work today is far different in imagery than her early work. However, that work was the stepping stone to her current work as both her early and current monumental work share common threads. Both are channeled, surreal and have messages for society.  Lowell's art is more than art. If cave paintings were intended to warn of danger for primitive man, her art is a warning for contemporary man. Earth will survive with or without the human species. Her art is a wake-up call.



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