Sholeh Janati is an internationally-renowned artist who partners with designers, architects and collectors on either a commissioned or consultative basis. Her works are characterized by strong brush strokes, rich textures and vibrant colors and can be found in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Sholeh’s paintings have grown in prominence over the past decade. Her collections featuring nudes, landscapes, portraits and abstract pieces have earned her praise from a variety of American and European critics. Collectors of Sholeh’s work appreciate that her paintings provide a constant interaction with the viewer, discovering new dynamics and dimensions in each piece. In this sense, the viewer finds each of Sholeh’s works as an expression of their own artistic vision.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: I lived through 10 years of war in my home country and escaped with my 4-year-old to America to find freedom and the pursuit of happiness. My life’s journey is fully reflected by my art. My work is a reflection of turning the bitter into the sweet, ugliness to beauty, darkness to color, fear to courage, oppression to independence. I live every day as the gift it is; every day is the best day of my life.”

Sholeh Janati
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